No Place is Safe, Only Safer

Zombie Shelter Fence Destroy

Finding a new place to live in the world of Zombies is always a hard decision. The threat of Zombies, Raiders, wild animals and the foul living conditions. This is why no place is truly safe, only safer.

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Surviving your first 24 hours in Zombieworld


The first day in zombie land might be the hardest to survive. This is because you are unprepared, you will never know when it will hit you. You will lose friends, family and many more. In this post you will learn different approaches on how to survive this first horrific day.

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Your first day out scavenging in the Zombie world


We have got a nice little camp set up which provides us with food and water and it is now time to venture out. Stock up on materials, weapons and medicine. This is were you will learn where and how to get it.

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Clean drinking water in the Zombie Apocalypse

zombie in water

Last time we stopped in a house by a river in the woods We have enough food for a week, but what about water? There is enough in the river, but is it safe? It could be contaminated with the zombie virus or other bacteria or any other substance that might kill you. In this post i will teach you how to make clean drinking water.

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Getting going on your second day in the Zombie Apocalypse


Yesterday I talked about what you need to do when the outbreak hits you. Find the person you will need most and take cover and let the first night pass by. After surviving your first night, hopefully without too many scratches it is time to get going, because you are not safe. By this I mean get out of bed and get out into the world and start looking for Shelter, a new home you can protect for a longer time.

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Safely Clearing A Room With Zombies

Zombie Survivor

When you are out Scavenging you will have to go into houses or other buildings in order to search it for loot. The possibility of encountering a Zombie during this procedure is large enough to take appropriate precautions. Another reason for clearing out a building is for using it as a base, rescuing a fellow survivor or just clearing out one building at a time. Fighting indoors puts you in a disadvantage, because ranged fighting gets reduced drastically. In this post I will describe tactics derived from official military tactics.

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Sexy Bad Ass Zombie Hunters

Sexy Bad Ass Zombie Hunter

Here is a video you lads might enjoy. It is a video from the I think telephone company Boost Mobile. Anyway it from the channel AUSBOOST. They’ve got a whole bunch of nice zombie scenes. Here is one of a few Bad Ass Sexy Zombie Hunters clearing out a supermarket. Enjoy

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