Welcome to The Zombie Blog

Hello Everyone,

This is the first post to my blog. I am a big fan of almost everything that has to do with zombies.  I will blog about how to survive in a apocalyptic world filled with walkers. My imagination is going wild when I think about this. Secretly I am hoping this to happen, even though this sounds pretty sick. I also think that something like this IS going to happen, because our world is getting so full. If there will not be a zombie apocalypse there will be some kind of disease which will bring balance back to nature, but this is off topic. I will only talk about surviving in a Zombie world.

What can you expect on this blog?

I will turn you readers into expert survivors without doing anything, but just reading. Isn’t that awesome? I know. The blog will involve getting to know the best weapons and their (dis)advantages, the safest shelters to stay and how to keep the Walkers out, the best placed to scavenge for food and water, how to generate your own energy from easy access materials and clean drinking water. This blog will turn into a handbook for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

I will have most inspiration coming from the great series: The Walking Dead and the awesome movie: Zombieland.

I am very ready to start this great adventure and I will try to make at least two posts per day to keep you guys entertained. Wish me luck and may the survival begin.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to The Zombie Blog

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  2. Hiya! Great looking site and I like your post topics ! (I’m not reading any until I complete a zombie story…don’t want to cloud the jumbled mess pouring out of my head 😉 )

    I will be recommending your site to the people following me on wordpress and my other sites tho !



    1. Hi there Terry! Thanks for already liking my blog before reading it! And also for recommending it to your followers! Let me know when you have finished your story. Maybe I can do the same for you and recommend my followers your story! Good luck out there.


      1. The book gives you more insight into his survival and just how difficult it would be to be completely alone after such a catastrophe.

        Also, if you really want some great ideas, read World War Z, the movie takes nothing but the title from the book, the book gives a lot of great survival stories from all over the world. It is interesting because it is told from so many points of view and the author, Max Brooks, is held as the world’s foremost zombie expert. Any documentaries you see on zombies will feature him heavily. I haven’t read his other book yet, The Zombie Survival Guide, but I would imagine it would probably be of some use to you as well.

        Anyway, just found your blog, love the concept and I can’t wait to get all caught up on all your posts. I too am a huge TWD fan, so I can’t wait to see where you go with this!


  3. Hello there. You call them ‘walkers’? What if they do the opposite–run? Have you watched World War Z? Bought it and I enjoyed it, though I would have preferred the protagonist not to be Brad Pitt but less ‘Hollywood-y.’ I gotta watch Zombieland..


      1. TWD is in my schedule currently. I try to write blogs for each episode here, and thank you for the Likes.

        Are you a gamer? Seeing that you take this Z apocalypse seriously judging from your blog entries, I think you’ll like The Walking Dead game by Taletell (not the other TWD game as there’s also another version)–that game is truly a test on how to survive the apocalypse!


        1. Haha your welcome thank you as well for commenting! I have played one version of the walking dead (not sure which one) it was the one with the big guy and the small girl. I did not enjoy that too much. I am a big fan though of the game 7 days to die. This is a truly awesome game still in alpha though but is already very good cant wait for the full release. I’m definitely going to check the other version of the walking dead out! I had not seen it yet thanks!

          Another great game is state of decay. I loved it a lot you should check that one out.


          1. Yes, the big guy and little girl, lol. Thanks for 7 Days to Die–looks pretty amazing and thinking about getting it. State of Decay was on my wishlist until I read so many complaints of zombie spam-respawns. I’m mostly into co-op like Left 4 Dead 2. Going solo is a bored fest.

            Indie devs are rising!


            1. Haha, yeah theres some truth to that in state of decay, but still a lot of fun! Im not so much in to left 4 dead. It’s just mass shooting loads om zombies. No real survival aspect in there. But still fun to coop once a while with some friends!


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