Zombie Kill of the Week: The River Floater

From now on I will do a ‘Zombie Kill of the Week’ post every Tuesday. You can send me your idea’s on how your Zombie Kill of the Week would be like. You can send them to: thezombieblognet@gmail.com, or through the form of contact me in the tab above.

Ok the Zombie Kill of the Week of this week will be: The River Floater. Whatever that might mean.  It is very useful for protecting your camp from zombie attacks since they will, hopefully, be attracted away from it. There are a few things you need to make this trap as you might call it:

  • A chicken
  • Two trees
  • A river
  • And a long wire

Wait what!? Two trees? Where am I going to get those and how am I going to move them? Well in my previous posts I supposed I was in a house near a river in a forest. So hopefully there is a tree on each side of the river. You attach the wire to each side of the tree so it hangs over the river. Attach the chicken so the zombies will not be able to reach it, but will fall in the river instead and get taken away by the current. When it is finished it should look something like this:

Zombie Kill of the Week the river floater

The chicken will make noise so the zombies will be attracted by it, so make sure its a little bit away from your camp. And make sure you place it downstream, definitely downstream. Oh yes, don’t forget to feed your chicken, he needs to stay alive for as long as possible.

Send me your Zombie Kill of the Week on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email. If I choose your Zombie Kill of the Week I will mention you of course with an optional Link to your blog/site.

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Kill of the Week: The River Floater

  1. Haha, love the simple trap, that is an awesome idea! Even better if you could put the chicken in some kind of hanging coop, that way if it happens to lay eggs, you can take those for food. Also, the chicken will stay healthier and alive longer. Just an idea to build on what you proposed.

    Loving the blog so far!!


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