Catching Fish

Rivers are your best friend in the zombie apocalypse. They provide you with clean drinking water, and now I will teach you how to get food out of it which is of course: Fish.

You can catch your own fish using multiple traps. The first one you would think of is with a fishing rod. Do not try this unless you have one. This is I think by far the slowest way to catch them. There are many faster ways to catch them, and in bigger numbers.

fish traps

The first and easiest way I think is the pool or shore fish trap. Since we are still in the woods there is plenty of wood at hand and you should be able to create a trap like this. Just make sure the pieces of wood are deep enough in the ground and not to far or close to each other. Go with around 1/2 inch of space in between the wood so enough water will be able to flow through without damaging the trap, but the big fish will not be able to get away. The fish will start to collect automatically in the fish compartment and you can just catch them with your hands probably. Be sure to check it regularly because this might attract zombies since fish are food as well for them. You should also be able to make this out of stone if that is a material more at hand.

basket trap

The second easiest trap you can make is the basket trap. It is still kind of hard but works like a charm. Just take little branches of wood. and a flexible one to make the circles and attach everything together with strings or vines. you can choose to put a little bit of bait in it for waters without a current or you can put it with the open side towards the current so fish swim in but will not get out. You can also make a trap like this from bit water bottles. Quick and easy.

fish trap bottle

Beware that your traps can and will be damaged by zombies who have fallen into the water further up the river. Also the scent of fish will attract zombies so always be cautious when checking your fish traps.

This is how you catch fish the easy way. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!

6 thoughts on “Catching Fish

      1. I’ve recently moved from the city, where I have lived my whole life to the country, I’m not quite up to this kind of thing but I did kill a snake – Eastern Brown Snake – recently with a shovel, not bad for a 5 foot 89 pound weakling :p


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