Making your shelter Zombie-proof

We’ve been living our shelter in the forest for a while now and now it is time to start reinforcing it. There are a few things I can think of to prepare yourself for a zombie attack.

These are the home fortifications I am talking about:

  • Early warning devices – So you can hear the walkers coming
  • Perimeter defenses – So they will have a hard time reaching your home
  • Home fortifications – So when they reach your home they will not break it down.
  • Escape routes – When everything goes south you can still get away.

Early Warning devices:

trip wire alarm

Trip Wire Alarm – The easiest way to know when there is someone in the neighborhood is by making a Trip Wire Alarm. This can be made from a bit of rope and any noise maker. Just tie the rope to a tree  on one end and the other end to your noise maker. Lead the rope to the bottom of another tree and make sure it can slide there like some sort of pulley. throw you noise maker over a branch and voila, you are done. Do this all the way around your camp. Some tips for noise makers:  Empty beer cans, holiday bells etc.

Perimeter defenses

zombie wall
Picture by AMC’s The Walking Dead

Fence or Wall – Making a fence or wall around your house is a very good way to go, Build it from the most common material in the forest: Wood. You should try making it walking dead style with big spikes on it so zombies get stuck on them for an easy kill.  Don’t forget to take them off or the defenses could collapse and the scent of dead zombie is not something you would want around your house. Get rid of the bodies by dumping them in the river or some place else. You can also make a high, strong fence to keep the walkers out, this however is a lot harder.

trench ditch zombie

Dig a Ditch – This one of the best zombie defenses you can make, however it takes a lot of time and effort to make. Dig a ditch around your wall or fence. The deeper the better. This is because zombies are not very smart. They will just fall in your trench and will not be able to climb out. You can then take them out the easy way a solid blow to the head should do just fine. Two points though: This doesn’t work against very big hordes, the zombies will pile up and will eventually be able to walk across, so make sure you remove the dead walkers for the same reason as with the fence, smelly. Also take care when make the trench that no zombies fall on your head and have an escape route for yourself in the weird occasion you fall in. A ladder for example. Zombies can’t climb ladders, you can.

Home fortifications  

zombie house fortification

Fortify Windows and Doors – You only need to fortify the windows and doors on the first floor. You can board them up with board or you can fortify them with branches or wooden planks. Make sure you attach them from the OUTSIDE. This way the zombies will not be able to push the nails out, but make sure everything stays where it is. Be sure to take the zombies out from a window on the level above. If they start scratching your house they will eventually get through.

zombie stairs ladder
Picture from ZombiU

Ladders – A very smart thing to do is to leave your bottom floor unused and destroy the stairs. Create some sort of ladder which you can climb, but zombies can not. This way, if you are upstairs, you are safe from zombies that still get through your defenses. Be sure to take them out though.

Escape routes

zombie ladder

You should always have multiple escape routes planned. So that if some of them are blocked you always have another option, so make sure you have multiple ways to get across your ditch if you have one, or when its not too wide you can jump it. Make sure that when the zombies have taken over your bottom floor you can still get out of the windows with ladders or from the roof.

If you follow all these steps you should be in a very safe place. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!

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