Dealing with other survivors in the Zombie Apocalypse

During the zombie apocalypse chances are that you find other survivors living in the undead world. Here is how to deal with them.

When encountering other survivors you need to be very careful. Apart from zombies, other survivors may be an even greater threat. There is no such thing as the police to help you get rid of bad guys, or as I call them: raiders. So the best thing you can do if you see other survivors before you see them: turn around. Make sure they do not see you. This is the safest way you can go.

hiding from bandits
Picture Source

However, sometimes other survivors can come in handy, because other people have been surviving as well and might have stuff you want. If you think they look friendly enough you can maybe decide to start a trade with them. This could be beneficial for both groups. Always make sure though that you meet at a place which is not your base, and make sure when returning to your base you are not being followed. You never know if they will be coming back for all your goods.

Another thing is to never trust anybody. Raiders could be posing as helpless travelers. You should always be very very cautious when allowing newcomers into your group. They could always be raiders from a bigger group and waiting for the right moment to strike and come with a big group. So if you encounter a survivor and you end up in a conversation, DO NOT tell them where your shelter is. Let them talk and be careful for interrogating questions like: ‘How much food/supplies do you have’ or ‘How many weapons do you have?’. If that happens, make sure you get them hell away from them.

Picture from DayZ

Raiders will be traveling along the main roads, since will have a higher chance of encountering survivors there. Make sure you avoid the main roads. Raiders will mostly travel in small groups scouting for camps. If they have found one they will leave and come back in greater numbers or try to infiltrate it at night. Always keep a weapon with you at night and have at least two people on guard to fend them of if they try anything. If they do try anything, but fail, don´t let them get away. If they get away  they WILL come back in greater numbers. So if this happens: pack up your stuff and leave! Find another place to live for at least a few nights. You might be able to come back later, because the raiders hopefully will think you have left your shelter.

Picture from Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption

You can also decide to become the raider yourself! I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!

10 thoughts on “Dealing with other survivors in the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I will be trusting a very few, foes, so called friends, its best to keep moving, unless you have a well fortified location that is well hidden off the beaten path. avoid roads, most urban areas unless your out scouting for supplies, take no prisoners use their dead bodies as a reminder to others.

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  2. What about dating during the zombie apocalypse? Also, while I’m sure it’s a typo, can I totally steal the word “Apcalypse” from the title, because I so envision a world where the iTunes store collapses and all the programs start going around eating our brains. Apcalypse. Maybe appcalyspe. Anyway, just want to steal it. 🙂


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