Zombie Proof Vehicles by Donal O’Keeffe

I found this today while browsing the Internet and I though you guys should see it! These are some 3D renderings made by Donal O’Keeffe in which he imagines mobile anti-zombie vehicles to survive the zombie apocalypse.

donal okeeffe zombie vehicle 2

donal okeeffe zombie vehicle 4

Zombie protection vehicles, Britain - 25 Oct 2013  donal okeeffe zombie vehicle 5

donal okeeffe zombie vehicle 6

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*All Pictures by Donal O’Keeffe

17 thoughts on “Zombie Proof Vehicles by Donal O’Keeffe

  1. the bus and tug tug are not tht great of a choice due to the fact they cant off road very well. you need to remember that the roads are not gunna be clear and empty for you to drive wherever u want like the movies show, there will be obstacles, so eventually you will need to off road. another reason for the tug tug aswell is its not enclosed, say it wownt start a zombie can walk up to you and grab you easily.

    the van is an ok choice I guess, just the fuel range really, because there wownt be much fuel, you will probably be able to gain access to fuel for about 2 days after the out-break due to no one controlling it and sending it to your local gas station on the other hand it is good for storage.

    the taxi’s are good choices, good on fuel, ok on storage, just heavy. I admit not all taxi’s re heavy, but some are and say it tips over and there is no other acceciable vehicle your doomed, they are not to heavy for a group but single person they are way to heavy. (I would reccomoned a taxi)

    another thing I have seen people say is a bike, yes bikes are fast, good on fuel. but a I mentioned before they are open to zombie attacks if it doesn’t start, also there is no storage space and if there are survivors where are they gunna go.

    in my opinion, I would go for a 4×4 they are great of roaders, good on fuel consumption, they can be modified very easy E.G. metal framing to protect windows. another thing is there is space for other survivors, not many but a few. another thing is they are very sturdy cars so if it doesn’t start its gunna take a lot to break through to get to you, it’s near enough impossible.

    well thanks for reading hope this has helped you to plan for the zombie apocalypse!!


  2. Very cool take on Zombie rides.
    I have always thought that motorcycles would be the way to go as long as there wasn’t a party larger than two traveling together. I have always thought that having great gas mileage is something of the utmost importance when having to constantly keep moving for the sake of survival.


  3. When it comes to travelling the zombie infested lands of the dead, rivers and connecting conduits are the best way to go! They are the most discrete and safest ways to get in and around the many locations you want to go. Put a motor bike on board. When you get to your next discrete little town, take it out, travel around. You might want to upgrade from your motor bike, find more transportation, always keep it parked close by where you dock for supplies runs, even plant a base there.
    For example: The Columbia river spans over 3000 miles from Canada through Washington, Oregon and Idaho. connecting to thousands of rivers (conduits), including the snake river canyon in Idaho, and the kootinai river in British Columbia, even to the pacific ocean. When thinking of travel, that’s an open highway!

    Avoiding the larger cities, you should be able to keep away from most of the hysteria. Road blocks, mobs, won’t be a problem on the river, and if there are any “floaters” you can just raise the ladder. Food is easy when the fish are biting. Some say the river life is easy living. Beside from purifying your water, there’s plenty of it.
    It’s all about having the ability to be move at a moment’s notice. As rivers go they are all free flowing, and you only need fuel going upriver. Remember, being prepared to move and how you do it is a matter of life and death.


    1. you know like you mentioned eating the fish from the water you must be carful with that as they could be contaminated and there is no way of getting rid of it, even if you cook it there may still be some bacteria or virus on it. just to help.

      I like your idea though of staying on the water there would be less zombies, easy access to places, unless there are inland areas, but yess its a good idea.


    1. good idea, but hard to find only usually found near army bases. and if there are army personal there orders more than likely would be to shoot on site, as its for there greater good. but you never know!!

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  4. Amazing, I’m going to have to think twice about going out in my little Renault Clio though …
    If I bring it round can you help me out with it? I definitely don’t want to end up like the family in The Hills Have Eyes. I bet they’re kicking themselves for not reading your blog before breaking down in a desert surrounded by cannibalistic inbreds!


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