The five places to get killed on Z-Day

Today I will teach you places you should not be going during the Zombie Apocalypse. I have made a post about scavenging. This post will teach you where NOT to scavenge.

Here is the list with the five biggest deathtraps in zombie world.

Picture by Gabe

As I have already mentioned a few posts ago, do not go into hospitals. There are already half dead people walking around there. The chance they have died will be great and thus be full of zombies. Also people who were infected before the apocalypse will have gone to the hospital to get medication, so chances are big that the apocalypse has started in a hospital.  The hospital is full of medicine and bandages which you might need to survive, but most of these things can also be found in pharmacies. Also you will get lost very easily in a hospital. All hallways look alike. Narrow halls, long corridors and bad lighting. The chance of getting in and out alive is not too big.

Picture from Dead Rising

Malls are a bit better than hospitals, although still not the best place to be. The place might be crawling with walkers, and if it is not crawling with walkers the chances are very big to find some raiders there. A very dangerous place to go. Actually all densely populated ares are bad. Full of walkers. If you do get the chance to take on a mall and grab everything you can find you could have enough food to stay hidden for a year. Still wouldn’t recommend it though.

zombie highway
Picture from AMC’s The Walking Dead

Well, staying of highways is only for traveling purposes. DO NOT travel on highways. These overfull road will be full with crashed cars and thus impassable most likely. It will be crawling with zombies. You will not get far this way. you should always try to travel on back roads or side roads. These will be probably be less crowded and you will be able to get to places much farther.

Highways could be useful though as scavenge points. All the people who tried to escape most likely have had their cars filled with food or other helpful tools and materials. Be careful though.

Gun Stores

zombie gun store

Gun stores are most probably one of the most dangerous places to go. Most people would go here, but it is dangerous. The owner of the shop will probably have loaded up and is waiting for people to try and break into his store to steal his precious guns. He will most likely have some friends to help him guard the killing tools. Very dangerous. Also raiders will find this shop very attractive. Stay away. You do not need guns, they make too much noise and attract zombies.

Police Stations

Police Station

Going to a police station is not a very smart place to go. Most probably the police officers will have taken all the guns with them home to defend their families, so the place will be as good as empty. Raiders who are stupid enough will come here thinking there are guns so again a very bad place to be. One good thing tho is that if you can find a cell with iron bars and you can lock yourself in with a key, which you can later open again, you will have a nice night rest, because you will be safe from zombies.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!

6 thoughts on “The five places to get killed on Z-Day

  1. You are contradicting yourself a lot in your articles. Three out of these five places you tell people to run to first thing on day one. Personally I feel your ideas to be scattered, mostly unreasonable and also highly morally questionable. It doesn’t sound like you yourself are prepping in the way of having your own food storage and the likes. You sound like your plan is to become one of those who will steal weapons and whatever else you need, and bash living people’s heads in to get their preps and shelters, as you described in what to do on day one. Honestly, I don’t like any of your writings or the personality behind it, and I’m wondering how you can be invited to write for another site. You are probably living on campus, but that is no excuse for your ideas and attitude.


    1. Oh sorry, that was your what to do on day two article, where you describe how to find the perfect house and take it over. Well, hopefully that house is filled with ten people with guns who will welcome your group of four with bad intentions the way you should be welcomed.


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