Being the Raider in World War Z

Here is as promised the article on being the raider yourself with all its (dis)advantages.

Raiding is the stealing and taking of possessions of other survivors. This can be done either by sneaking and stealing or with a more violent approach. This is the more aggressive way of scavenging.

Three tips before we start:

  1. As a raider it is always best to be sure you can take on your next objective. Taking over a military base with a loot of loot sounds tempting, but chances are high you will be caught. If you get caught, you will die. Thieves are mostly looked down upon, so unless you have a big army of your own, do not engage. Pick your targets to your abilities and capabilities.
  2. Getting in and getting what you want is easy. Getting out and keeping what you got is hard. If you are taking the stealthy approach, make sure you can get away nice and quick, and silent! Also have a plan B, make sure you can get away as fast as possible even if it is loud.
  3. Engage your own terms. your most successful attack will be when your target is out in the open and vulnerable away from their refuge. Bases are defended which will lower your chances of success.

Attacking a group of survivors

Once you have maybe tracked down a group of survivors and there are not a too big group and think you can take them on it is time to make a plan. Ideally the group would be unarmed, highly unlikely though since they have been surviving in a world full of walkers. Information will be very important, with surprise second. So try to get as much information of your prey without giving away your position. Signs to look for are: many children, older people, wounded people, slow moving people and small groups.

If you think the prey is weak enough to move in for the attack here are some variables to take into consideration.


Operation Enduring Freedom

Terrain is a very important aspect in an assault, but not always available. Take this into consideration before going in. When your attack is taking place on the open plains, there is no chance of cover for both positioning or surprise. High grass or trees however can be a great help in closing in to your targets.


If you manage to get close enough to surprise your victims, it can be used in most situations with great effect. An ambush is not always necessary, suddenly popping up around your victims will have a profound psychological effect. You will then demand the victims to surrender and can prevent a fight.

First Shots/ Warning Shots


This can be very dangerous if initiated with a headshot to start the assault. It will have a great emotional affect. There is a chance though that it causes enough fear and confusion the people will surrender. In case they don’t surrender you will have ensured a fight. Chances are that you just killed someone’s brother or husband and an angry loved one getting revenge is on his way to try to kill you. People don’t make good decisions under stress and will most likely fight back. Warning shots, even when aimed in the air, can also cause a fight easily. They could start shooting at your position and you will start firing back and a fight is created. It is best to avoid a fight at all times, because raiders are not an army. You will not know how they will respond when casualties are on your side. Try looking intimidating and demand respect of the prey and then ask for surrender.

Ask for Surrender


Ask for surrender, but not the raider way. Once your group has taken position all reveal yourself at once and yell at them to drop their arms. Follow up with an apology that you just want to be safe. It is likely they have met other survivors so this demand is not very strange. If they refuse, try to surround them a bit more with caution. They could fire a warning shot or aimed shot so be very careful. This will not ruin you aspect of surprise, because they did not anticipate you here. If you can take a better position yell at them to drop their weapons one last time, and that you will count to three. Count fast, because it is not used for building tension. You are trying to force them to decide quickly without reason. If they do not drop their weapons, they are never going to and you will have to fight them. Make sure you fire first.

Dealing with Victims

zombie hostages

You have either captured the victims without a fight or have forced them to surrender during the fight. Move in quick to take away all their weapons and make sure they no longer pose a threat. The time has now come for the most precarious aspect of being a raider. You have to deal with people you are about to rob and might have killed a few of their friends. This will create big hostility against you. The amount and state of people that are still there should indicate how much you steal. You could steal everything and execute all the survivors, most likely there will still be children and woman among them, which is a lot harder to do than you might think, but there also is the danger of revenge against you. Other groups might help them take you down or they will come back themselves. This is why raiders never work where they live and instead go to area’s away from their home to ‘gather’ supplies. If they surrendered without a fight, be a man and leave them something to live to see the next day. If you feel a great amount of hate among the victims, seriously consider executing them.

This is one of the darker sides of my blog and surviving in the zombie world. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!

9 thoughts on “Being the Raider in World War Z

  1. The how to for being the bad guy in a zombie apocalypse hahahaha You guys arent ashamed of yourself in the least. Dreaming of killing the prey, huh? Honestly, you dont even know how to handle a gun or hit target. You will be the first ones to get shot. Not dead, just enough so the zombies can still eat you…


  2. Right, so being fat and a bloke I have to chop down others to leave a meat trail and thus stop myself being a target. Yet if I need to raid I have to play at surrendering and make myself a target to ‘the other side’. Man, this is going to be hard… Wouldn’t I be better just giving in and letting them infect me? Or is that just defeatist??!!


    1. You do not have to raid, of you manage to join a group of survivors early on they will notice that they can use you bettee for chores at the base. During the alpcalypse you will definitely lose weight because there simply isnt so much food and you need to work hard. Eventually you could be fine just don’t give up too soon, you might just make it.


  3. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good tips here! People who wait until the last minute to start planning often panic and leave out crucial steps. This guide helps fill those gaps.


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