Keeping Your Morale High during the Zombie Apocalypse

Morale, also known as esprit de corps when discussing the morale of a group, is an intangible term used for the psychological capacity of people to maintain belief in an institution or a goal, or even in oneself and others. The second term applies particularly to military personnel and to members of sports teams, but is also applicable in business and in any other organizational context, particularly in times of stress or controversy. Generally speaking, when a person or group is poor (or broken) morale, accomplishing even simple feats can be nigh impossible. Conversely, when a group’s morale is high, often they will overachieve in their goals to the point of legendary accomplishments.

While the Zombie’s simple intelligence is usually it’s major disadvantage over humans, one notable exception is their universal immunity to psychological warfare. Quite simply, their spirit cannot be broken, no matter what is done to them. This can be a devastating psychological advantage over humans opposing them, as illustrated in the Battle of Yonkers in Max Brooks’ World War Z. Your morale, however, can be broken and has to be kept high in order to survive in the harsh world full of zombies. This posts will be about how to keep your Morale high and prevent it from going down.

Morale Boosters

A Hot Meal: Depending on your conditions, cooking may sometimes be problematic. Heated food is a proven morale booster. Never underestimate the bonding that can be shared over a meal.

cheers alcohol morale zombie

Alcohol: A sip now and then never hurt anyone but be careful fighting zombies is hard enough without seeing double. It can be anything as long as it is not to strong. A good choice is to mix it with something so it isn’t as strong. Somethings to mix it with are cola or orange juice. Do not drink to keep your self warm in the cold, as it is very counter-productive.

Animals: Some animals are known to raise morale, dogs and cat etc.

Base Location: Taking refuge in a nice place, such as a vacation resort, will greatly increase morale.

Cigarettes: Fine as long as you don’t accidently start a fire. Although, it would kind of defeat the purpose if you die of lung cancer.

Finding a gun In an apocalypse where guns are essential for survival, finding a firearm and adding one more layer of defense will be a great booster.

clean drinking water morale boost

Clean water Water is the requirement of all living things drinking, clean water when dehydrated is said to be one of the best feelings ever.

Hygiene: Keeping up a clean appearance or even the feel of water washing away all the grime, can be a great morale booster.

Jokes: Jokes will help a lot. Make sure they’re not extremely offensive, as this will lower morale. If your searching for supplies and you find a joke book, grab it.

Junk Food: Although bad for you, junk food such as chips, candy or even cereal can be a nice reminder of a pre zombie life. Could also be a small change from a bland diet.

Light: Constant darkness in a base will lower morale extremely fast. Candles or flashlights will help.

Movies: If you find a TV, a movie, and have enough electricity, this will be a fantastic morale booster. If you don’t have the power to spare (i.e. gasoline for a genset) then it is not recommended at all, as it wastes valuable electricity.

Games: Non-electric games, such as board games and paper and dice RPGs can keep people very entertained.  If the nessecery power is available, video games can be very entertaining as well.

Guide to the Apocalypse - Music by arosenlund
Guide to the Apocalypse – Music by arosenlund

Music: the sound of music can stop harsh thoughts of hoplessness, drown out constant zombie moans, occupy the brain, draw common bonds between survivors, or even make zombie-killing entertaining if played at the time. Don’t force music or constantly play the same tune, as it can lower morale.

Other survivors: Knowing others are alive and you aren’t the last people on Earth will greatly boost morale.

Physical Contact: From a high-five to an act of sexual nature, it reminds us that we are human, and even in such times everyone needs skin to skin contact to feel that we aren’t alone.

Plays: It does not matter if it’s corny or not, these will help people not go crazy.

Reading Material: Magazines, Newspapers (not that will be ‘new’ news), Novels etc. will provide a quiet haven from the chaotic world around you. Some books may contain knowledge needed for survival, from car maintainance to medical treatment.

Religion: The greatest comfort some posess is the belief that there is someone looking out for them with a plan, although the events of mass death, zombification and the colapse of civalization can lead to a crisis of faith.

Zombieland rule number 32 enjoy the little things

Rule 32 (Destruction as Entertainment): As stated in Zombieland, enjoy the little things. If it means destroying things, so be it.

Wanton Violence: When the opportunity presents itself to safely kill a zombie that is otherwise not an immediate threat, killing them creatively or gruesomely can be a bit of a stress release, or a laugh. Not everyone’s cup of tea, so judge your troupe carefully. Also, no conflict is ever 100% safe or certain. Always actively take safety precautions. Direct exposure to the undead should always be limited, and resources should never be wasted.

Morale Killers

Death: The greatest pain a person can know is the loss of some one dear but the important thing to remember is that they would want you to survive. You can’t help anyone if your overtaken with grief. Try to focus on other things to get your mind and the minds of your group off of the subject and onto something that will prevent another loss.

Loneliness: No matter how lone wolf you are, knowing someone is there for you can prevent depression or suicide.

hopelessness morale zombie

Hopelessness: Regardless of actions taken, success is impossible- or the certainty that future events will turn out for the worse no matter what you do. Hopelessness can stem from your health, caring for others, thoughts of returning home again, and seeing loved ones again.

Fear: Fear is to be expected in the face of zombies. Some might say a total lack of fear is foolhardy, and may lead to fatal mistakes. Much more common is being overcome and paralyzed with fear. Be leary of those who may buckle under pressure. Encouragement from kind words to orders to toughen up may help. Everyone responds differently to different stimuli.

Constant Moaning of Zombies: An underrated and devastating “secondary weapon” of the zombie horde is their constant moaning. As zombies do not sleep, they moan for reinforcement non-stop, day and night. While barricaded in a base, this constant reminder can easily drive people insane. A soundproof base, while a rare luxury, is greatly valued for this reason. Earplugs should be worn at all times. Otherwise, the only way to silence the walking dead is to kill them all.

Resentment: An emotional state of displeasure toward some act, remark, or person. To sum it up..if traveling in a group only travel with people you can tolerate. If that is not possible play nice and try to maintain a sense of humor.

Anger: Inability to satisfy your needs or wants. Don’t get mad do something about it.

Boredom: Although there will likely be a lot to do to Boredom can occur, especially if you are unable to perform tasks. Repeating the same tasks can lead to disinterest in these tasks.

Darkness: Can cause adrenaline rush and paranoia of any noise around.

zombie bite morale zombification

Zombification: Someone in the group or a group member seeing a friend or family member zombified is a harrowing experience.

Base Location: Taking refuge in dreary locations, such as prisons will lower morale, which prisons are designed to do.

Loss of Base: Losing your base and being forced to relocate will be sure to lower morale, especially if you had it for awhile.

Moral of the story, keep your mind straight and your friends close. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!


7 thoughts on “Keeping Your Morale High during the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Excellent article. Underestimating the importance of good morale will definitely kill any community from the inside out, especially when cabin fever sets in after months in hiding.


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