Apocalypse Hotel Kickstarter campaign

New York´s live-action experience where players complete missions to survive the apocalypse or become zombies to spread the infection.

I was asked to promote this interactive theater experience, so here I am helping spreading the word! The text below comes from the official Kickstarter campaign. I hope you enjoy!

Apocalypse Hotel is an interactive theatrical experience in which players either attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse or become zombies themselves and help bring the end of the world. You and a small group will be thrown into a post-apocalyptic venue and forced to make decisions with lasting consequences. Actors and other participants will guide you, try to influence you, scare you, help you or maybe even try to infect you. 

Survivors will be immersed in the terrifyingly realistic set and tasked with missions including: collecting supplies, saving other survivors left behind and trying to secure their own escape, all while avoiding the persistent threat of zombies. You’ll have to duck, jump, run, hide, and maybe event sacrifice a friend or two. There are characters to meet along the way that will guide the story but ultimately you and your group will have to choose what to do next to secure your survival.

Apocalypse hotel zombieZombies will be brought backstage and transformed into the walking dead.  After hair & makeup zombification has been completed you will have to maneuver your way throughout the building trying to infect the survivors while completing your own storyline and narrative, bringing on the end of humanity. Infect survivors? Hell yes. You will be given bags of (fake?) blood and tasked with smearing the blood on the survivors, infecting them and turning them into a mindless member of your army.  

Apocalypse Hotel is an evolution in traditional passive theater. it’s even an evolution in interactive theater as the show’s attendees become the main characters and decide the outcome of the game!

We have the story lines completed, copyrighted, and ready for action.  The venue has been secured. The set has been designed and is ready for the Apocalypse.  Everything is in order, we just need your help to bring our dream to undead life!

If you want to know more and donate: Read more here!  I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!

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