Your Job in the Zombie Apocalypse

If you have set up a base and have come along a few survivors to join your group it is time to set up some group dynamics and form a team. But how do you do this? In this post I will try to teach you my point of view in this matter.

A team should always be actively growing, in every sense of the word. A group mostly increases in size by bringing in new members, or recruiting. When recruiting you will be looking for people who are loyal, competent and intelligent or people with valuable resources. Try to keep people out who only drain resources or who will not contribute anything to your group. To find out what people can contribute you will need a list of roles that need to be fulfilled in a Zombie Warfare team.



Picture by AMC’s The Walking Dead

The lead position is something that a lot of people would like to have, however it is often not very clear where the true power lies. Do not try to seek power, as internal competition will decrease the effectiveness of the team. Most of the time a team will produce a leader naturally. An effective leader will have leadership aptitude, logistical planning skills and good interpersonal skills.


the walking dead season 4 rick herschel zombie adviser
Picture by AMC’s The Walking Dead

In an effective group the authority is well defined. Everyone should have a voice, but it also has to be extremely clear when you have to shut up. Advisers mostly replace a leader if necessary.


Daryl Dixon The walking dead zombie enforcer
Picture by AMC’s The Walking Dead

When dealing with inferiors, it could be very tempting to lead by displaying your power using force. This is not the best way, since fear can lead to hate instead of the respect a group needs in order to function properly. Fear is a powerful tool, but it can quickly turn against the leader if misused. This does not mean that no force is needed in a group. In some occasions it could be necessary to keep a group together, but this is up to the leader to decide.

Medical Specialist

Everyone in the group should know the basics of first aid, but a specialized medic is a great asset in a team. He can teach first aid to new people and should be capable of performing advanced procedures.

Explosives Specialist

Explosives are a powerful tool with multiple purposes and should be handled with great care.

Vehicle Specialist

donal okeeffe zombie vehicle 1
Picture by Donal O’Keeffe

Specific drivers is a very good tactic, that when you need to run everyone knows where to go in the car. Make one person responsible for each car. That way all cars should be in good shape when needed.


Setting up a guard with a sharp eye is essential for surviving. Threats should be spotted from long range and be dispatched of at long range. Make sure you have several of these people to take shifts.


A recon is essentially a scout, these people go out to travel around to check out buildings for food, supplies and spot other survivors.

Chemical Expert

Can help as an explosive specialist, but also necessary to check if meat, fish or plants are safe for eating.

Communication Specialist

carol the walking dead zombie apocalypse
Picture by AMC’s The Walking Dead

Prior knowledge in communication can be a valuable tool, especially in dealing with other survivors, good or bad.


An important role if traveling on foreign lands, where it is not sure if native survivors speak your language.


Another important role in foreign lands. Knowledge of the land, environment, zombie population and potential hazards can proof essential.


It is a very important role to keep walls, buildings and other structures in safe working condition. Also very useful for making furniture and beds if needed.

I hope you have found your way to contribute to the team, and I am sure I have not mentioned all of the roles that should be fulfilled, but these are most essential in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!

10 thoughts on “Your Job in the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I have seriously considered this. There are four groups of leaders. Ones that want to be leaders, but have no skills. Ones that have skills but don’t want to be leaders. Ones that have the skill and the desire. And ones that are happy to be welcome mats. 😉


  2. I would love to keep a count of those who are suffering and helpless in my subject.Too new here,don’t know if I’m right or wrong but my urge to reach the maximum suffering makes me ask how can you help me?


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