Different Zombie Attacks

Zombies can attack in different ways in order to infect or kill a person and turn them into another zombie. In this post I will talk about the different attacks.


Biting could be classified as the most dangerous Zombie attack there is. Unlucky for us this is also the most common attack a Zombie does. Bites are feared most, because they are the main source of infecting other people. The Solanum virus is transmitted by saliva and blood. A person will almost always be infected when bitten. The only cure to a bite currently known is cutting off the part of the body where they bite was within a few seconds. So act quickly!

zombie clawing attack dangerous


This is the secondary attack of a zombie. The chance of infection is smaller, because there is no contact between your blood and blood or saliva of a zombie. However, if a zombie does have zombie blood under its nails you can be infected, and wounds caused by clawing can be prone to infection.


Faster zombies might be able to run a little bit, but will not be able to control themselves well and ram into you. Then when they have rammed you they will start to incapacitate you. When a zombie rams you, your chances of survival are slim. However, The chance that a Zombie actually rams you is very small. This is because 99,9% of the zombies will not be able to run, because of muscle decay. The other 0,1% will only be able to ‘run’, because it might tumble over, but is able to place it’s feed under itself. This will make them stumble faster or ‘run’.


Recently killed zombies, who’s flesh is still fresh, have better control over their bodies. This will give the Zombie the ability to attack at a quicker rate than more decayed zombies. It is hard to get a pouncing zombie off of you, because the pain it causes is can disable your muscle functions. Your best chance of survival if you get caught by one of these is with help of a fellow survivor. This kind of zombie is common in the early stages of the Zombie apocalypse, but will disappear within a few weeks, because the muscles will decay quickly after death.


If a body builder, wrestler or boxer will turn into a zombie, it may try to punch you as it is in their instinct to fight with their hands. These attacks can be hard, however are not likely to infect you.

Fat Bloated Zombie exploading


If a zombie is has been in water for a longer time, or has eaten loads of flesh it may bloat up due to water or decomposing gases building up. The belly will be swollen and a small hit can cause the zombie to explode. This is not dangerous from a distance. If you are close the blow will not kill you either, unless there is fire it could ignite. Also the blood that is flying around can be dangerous, because it could come in contact with your blood and thus infect you. This kind of zombie however will be very slow.


Vomiting zombies are not very dangerous unless they are on top of you. The vomit can be infectious. However this is unlikely since vomiting is a reflex caused by a feeling, and since all nerves of zombies are not working this will not occur very often.

Zombie Horde The Walking Dead


This is a psychological attack made by the zombies. The continuous moans can cause an extreme drop of morale to your group. Zombies do not sleep so they will keep moaning without pause. This will cause other zombies to join them in a fight and the constant reminder will drive you insane. Take appropriate measures to get rid of these sounds.

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12 thoughts on “Different Zombie Attacks

  1. Somebody essentially assist to make seriously posts I might state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I surprised with the research you made to create this actual publish extraordinary. Excellent job!


  2. Reblogged this on Geeky Antics Network Global (GANG) and commented:
    Whenever we think of zombie attacks, we think about biting and maybe clawing. The Zombie Blog breaks down zombie attacks in a way few others have managed to do. It’s a very thorough analysis.

    Check out my comments for my thoughts on bloated zombies and the risks beyond explosion or ignition. Also, for you hardcore zombie fans out there, what are your thoughts on more nimble zombies (not infected)? I think it’s a facet few zombie stories explore. The fresher the corpse, the greater the range of motion.. Enter pouncing, jumping, and maybe running – SCARY!

    Show The Zombie Blog some love by following, liking, reblogging, pinning, sharing, and all that good stuff. This is a blog I know we’ll be revisiting quite a bit. Great stuff!


  3. Love the breakdown of the various zombie attacks that are possible. This analysis brings up some interesting points, points which are often matters of huge contention amongst zombie fans and survival experts.

    First and foremost, the bloated zombies are something one would think would more common since decomposing bodies would build up gases rather quickly. Interestingly enough, most zombie content does a poor job of being realistic about how decrepit or “gassy” older zombies would be. This almost breaks the fourth wall except most of us don’t stop to think that deeply about it.

    For real-world encounters with zombies, I would place bloated zombies higher up on the threat level. They can cause chain reactions as you touched upon but it’s not just the threat of ignition. An exploding zombie can cause things to fall down, block passages, or inflict shrapnel-based damage. Almost any object flying at a high velocity can pierce the skin so this certainly aligns well with your assessment of potential infection of open wounds, sores, etc.

    In a more relevant observation, these types of zombie attacks can be categorized on a completely different threat level if one considers the possibility that we are all infected already. Thus, the threat shifts from avoiding infection to avoiding fatal wounds. The Walking Dead is known for tackling this aspect of the zombie apocalypse. We’ve seen that limbs can be amputated to avoid the spreading of infectious agents that would accelerate the turning process but, of course, all zombie stories differ on how fast such infection would spread. Typically, on-screen infections are sped up to avoid “dead air” (pun intended).

    Great call on including the pouncing zombies. Though many say this is more of a behavior of infected versus truly undead, traditional zombies, I agree wholeheartedly that freshly-turned zombies would be capable of a wider range of movement until rigor mortis sets in fully. Even zombies that are not so fresh should likely be able to pull off a stumbling lunge if jumping or pouncing is out of the question. This would truly make a zombie threat far more scary as traditional shambling zombies or walkers are less scary if you consider you could likely out-run them. Of course, then there is the matter of their endless stamina…

    Great write-up.. It seems we should get some more zombie content over at the GANG (Geeky Antics Network GLOBAL) site. There’s so much to consider here. Would you mind if we reblog some of your content (with proper attribution) of course?

    Also, we’ll be talking zombies heavily tonight on HorsePLAY! LIVE at 11pm EST. You can join us at http://twitch.tv/obionex2 or http://twitch.tv/yogizilla.. Recordings will be available on Stitcher and other syndication networks. Thanks for the support! =o)

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    1. Wow, Thank you for your great and elaborate comment. You take up an interesting argument which has slipped my mind, that all zombies start to decompose fast and thus there would be a larger amount of bloater Zombies.

      Also you point out that in The Walking Dead everyone is infected and that you only need to die in order to turn. That would indeed make the whole thing go about avoiding fatal wounds (which I would do in all cases, but that is just a little detail haha). Also the endless stamina will be a great problem when fighting the undead.

      I will definitely check out HorsePlay tonight. If you talk Zombies, Maybe you can talk The Zombie Blog! 😀 would be great. anyway, thanks for the great comment!


      1. We will certainly give you a plug or two! I reblogged your postover at the GANG site. Added a few more thoughts too. We should collaborate soon. We love having guests on the show and have plans to expand our network to more shows.

        Do you have a podcast? Check out our friends at Zombie Cast over on the All Games Network. I am sure they’d love to talk zombies or anything horror with you! =o]


          1. Well, you are always welcome to join us tonight or any night on HorsePLAY! We can do it via Skype or Twitch chat. We may start doing YouTube/Google Hangouts On Air to accomodate large panel discussions like tonight’s zombie episode.

            My Skype is Yogizilla, pretty much like all other social media accounts I have. Geeky Antics stuff in the works but for now check us out at http://geekyantics.wordpress.com and give us a follow. We’d love to collaborate with your site as we expand. 8)


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