What Will You Miss When The Zombies Come?

Yesterday I made some friends with Jake Sepulveda over at Zombease.com. I found an awesome post made by him about what you will miss when the Zombies come. As much as I secretly hope that the Zombie virus will break out, he makes some interesting points. Losing people close to you will be happening a lot, and you will not get to enjoy everyday luxuries. Anyway: check it out!

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5 thoughts on “What Will You Miss When The Zombies Come?

  1. I would miss just about everything I enjoy in my personal life now. The constant threat of being eaten alive would certainly put a new tint on all of life’s experiences. How could you sit and enjoy a movie or even checking the mail for that matter.

    I suppose some good would inevitably come from such a world were humanity able to defeat the zombie hordes, though I would rather see humans come together to prevent the need to learn from such a difficult master.

    Personally I do not see this scenario as a new found state of freedom, I rather enjoy not bashing in brains and scavenging convenient stores for a 5 year old bag of Doritos.

    The morale I receive from your post is to appreciate life for what it has to offer in the now and do what you can to improve it rather than wishing for another reality which may be an absolute nightmare. We have been blessed with so much on this planet and we should show more love to each other and our home as none of us knows what tomorrow brings.


    1. Thank you for this wonderful well explained comment. You have put some great advise in there. Enjoy life now, look around and enjoy the little things. Don’t forget to love the people around you. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. I tried to Like this article but I seem to have mucho trouble with that particular button in Word Press for some reason. This rings so true, I often wish we just get on with some good chaos and knock things around a little bit but I am sure (just like every other change in life) I would probably decide I had had enough pretty quickly and want to revert back to the way it was.


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