Getting going on your second day in the Zombie Apocalypse

Yesterday I talked about what you need to do when the outbreak hits you. Find the person you will need most and take cover and let the first night pass by. After surviving your first night, hopefully without too many scratches it is time to get going, because you are not safe. By this I mean get out of bed and get out into the world and start looking for Shelter, a new home you can protect for a longer time.

There are many different places you can go to, but which one is safest? I guess in the beginning the safest place to go is into the woods. Not many people live in the woods so there will not be many walkers. Also a good idea is near a river. A river has multiple purposes: Food (fish), Water, energy and it makes sound to cover up the sounds you make. So if there is a river inside the woods with a house near it: JACKPOT. The thing is: I would definitely make sure you find a house, because this will make the best protection. If a zombie would find its way to your new house They will take at least some time to get in. Living in a tent it will only take a few seconds.


Anyway, If you are still in the neighborhood you grew up in you might know a place who has some of all of the features I described above. Go there, but go low and slow. Slow is silent, slow is safe. You make less sound, you are not visible. This will keep zombies and other people away. Walk in a standard formation: assume you are with four people have someone watch the front, two people watching the sides and one person watch you back every few seconds. Keep this up until you find your safe haven.

You might come across a few zombies or bodies. In case this happens: Have one person take him out with a good hit to the head. And as the famous rule from the movies Zombieland: Double Tap. Hit the poor fella in the head again to makes sure it is dead and it stays dead. Destroy the brain.

double tap
Picture from Zombieland

If you have made it to the shelter there is a great chance of a person living in the house and it could also be possible that the person who is living in the house does not even know about the zombie apocalypse. If you are lucky, no one’s home. If he knows and you can try to convince that person that you can stay in his house. If he doesn’t know make sure you have a video on your hopefully still charged phone of what is happening in the undead world. If you cannot convince him, well you know: you are with four, he is alone, I bet you can find a way.

Start dividing your home into special locations, rooms for sleeping, food, water, armory, but keep weapons all over the house in case of a zombie attack you always have something within reach. Try to find the safest place for food, preferable underground or in a hidden space of the house. Like put a closed in front of a door in which you hide your food so in case of raid by other people you can hopefully keep your food. Have a  ‘fake’ food room with only a little food in there so the raiders will think you only have a little. This will keep you alive for longer and pretend you give everything you have and hopefully save your life.

With a bit of luck there is a room with a strong door with a lock. Make this your medical center in case someone gets hurt or sick. You can keep this person in here without being afraid of him killing the rest in the night, if there is no such room, keep him outside how harsh this even sounds. Safety first.


When you have settled and have assigned all rooms to a purpose it is time to count how much food you have. This is very important to know where your priorities are. If you have enough food for over a week you can decide to lay low for a while and try to start catching fish from the river or make a bow and arrow to start arming yourselves even more. If you only have food for a day or not even that: start scavenging and look for other houses which might contain food to keep you alive for the coming week. This is the most important, because probably the first week is most dangerous. There will be lots of zombies running around in the cities lots of armies trying to fight them and getting overrun. Other people trying to fight back the zombies and lots of riots and people stealing stuff, so whatever happens in the first week, try to stay low and get a good shelter going which can provide you with food and water. I will teach you the basics in my next post!

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!


2 thoughts on “Getting going on your second day in the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. i love this post. i am always thinking of what i would need to do if any type of invasion happened because i have 4 kids ages 2, 4, 10, and 19 so last min decisions probably would get us killed


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