Your first day out scavenging in the Zombie world

We have got a nice little camp set up which provides us with food and water and it is now time to venture out. Stock up on materials, weapons and medicine. This is were you will learn where and how to get it.

Before you go out decide what your action plan is going to be, in this case decide what you need. I will go with medicine, because this is very important in case you get sick, or a wound. The slightest cut could get infected and kill you. So do NOT underestimate a little cut. I was on a holiday to Africa last summer to do volunteer work, and during this work I got a little cut on my knuckle. Within two days my hand was swollen I got a raging fever. I went to a clinic and with some antibiotics I was healed within two days. Don’t underestimate antibiotic, they will save you!

dont open dead inside

To find medicine please don’t make the mistake to go to a hospital. Have you seen how many people live in a hospital. Do you know how many people will die in the hospital when they are not take care of? A lot, so this means a lot of zombies, avoid this place by all means.

So with the plan to find medicine, what do we take with us on our trip. I had assumed that I had been surviving with three other people so that means we are with four in total. The first and simple rule is: NEVER go and leave anyone alone. This is what will kill you. Surviving with someone to watch your back is always better. So I would divide my group in two. Two people to look after the house, because you don’t want to leave this alone, and two people go on a scavenging run.

What do you take with you on a scavenging run? A weapon of course, but which one. You could take a bit blunt weapon with you, but since you are scavenging this might not be the smartest thing. You will have to carry it around all day which soaks up a lot of your energy. Try going with a big hunting knife or kitchen knife or a big wrench or crowbar and of course a (cross)bow if you have one. Take a big empty bag so you can stuff it with medicine. If you have a compass take that as well. Small firearms are also suggested, but only use it as a last resort. The sound of a gunshot will attract more zombies than you could ever wish for. And do not forget your watch. Keep an eye on it so you do not end up in the dark.


In what direction will we be heading? If you know the area where you are very good you will probably know where to go to find materials. But if you don’t know the area it might be smart to follow the river up- or downstream. This will make it a lot easier to find your way back. Another easy way is to make a trail for yourself for example with a chalk or cut small scratches in the trees, however raiders will be able to find your camp as well if they can follow it, so try to make it only visible for you. The third way is using your compass. Only walk east for example until you come out of the forest and when your out make a visible way point which you will be able to find again very easily, so when you get back only walk west. You can also use this trick without a compass. Just watch the sun, it comes up in the east and goes down in the west. This does not count for people living arctic of course, but I don’t think you will be dealing with many zombies if you are there and you will have to deal with other things to stay alive there, but anyway that is off topic.

If you have decided what way to go and discussed with your group how long you will be gone start moving. Once again, move slow. Just walk and watch your surroundings, if you come across a walker, let one person take him out with a good blow to the head, double tap, check his pockets and continue. Your journey. Once you have found your way out of the forest you can hopefully see a town or city. Start moving in that direction, and don’t forget where you came from. Use big or tall recognizable objects which you will be able to find on your way back.

zombie street
Picture by lingy-0

Try to get to the city as undetected as possible. Raiders might see you or big hordes of zombies. If you can see a big horde near the city or village, DO NOT GO THERE! Try to find another place to go and come back a few days later and hopefully they will have moved away. If there’s no horde: proceed with caution until you have reached the first street. Moving through streets has a specific approach. Scan the street and count how many zombies. If there are more than six, leave it and go to another one, unless you are confident you can take them on or the street is very big. Don’t forget that when you start attacking one zombie you might aggro all of them. So be prepared for this and always know your way out when things go bad.

Again don’t forget the way you came. In the city you will be looking for the main street or shopping center/mall. This is the place you would want to go. Most shopping centers also have something like clinic or a family doctor in the neighborhood. Try to find this, also EVERY shop has a first aid kit so it’s always worth checking them out. Shopping centers are very dangerous places to be. Most of the time the place could be swarming with zombies and it is a busy place for scavenging. Keep an eye out for other survivors. Make sure you spot them before they spot you. You can then decide if they look friendly or hostile. If they look hostile, try to lay low until they are gone. If they are friendly you could decide to team up. medical images

If you find a clinic and you can work your way in and into the medicine closet start taking as much stuff as you can, and keep an eye out for any medicine that ends with – cine or -ol like Vancomycine and Thiamfenicol. These are most of the time antibiotics and these are your best friend. Have one person watch the door for zombies and once one of the back is full switch positions. If you have everything you can find from bandages disinfectants see if you bag is full. If it is start moving back to your camp. If it is not decide if you want to find more supplies or go back as well. If you do want to continue, try finding shops you want to check out on your way back to your camp. Do NOT go further into town. You are at risk and you do not want to expose yourself any more then needed. You can decide to visit some homes on your way back. Most people will have a medicine cupboard in their bathrooms and you can find many antibiotics there as well.

When going back go the same way you came, nice and slow. Don’t go running and attract attention, you are heavily packed and thus less agile. If you do get in a nasty situation and you need to run quick: drop the bag. It’s not worth your life. You can try picking it up later, zombies don’t eat medicine. Raiders do however. So go slow and stay low until you get back to camp. Mission succes!

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17 thoughts on “Your first day out scavenging in the Zombie world

  1. *sighs* I have no idea who is dumber, you or the people who actually think you are giving them good ideas. Let me see, on day one, in the worst chaos, you are running out of the city to find any place to sleep in. On day two you find a house in the forest at a river, far away from the city, and kill the owner. On day three you run back into the city to get antiseptics from the mall and the hospital, even though you are telling people that they are the most dangerous places to enter. And on the way back to your stolen shelter in the forest, you are checking other shops and houses for first aid stuff, which every house and apartment usually has in it, hence the house you stole should have it as well. Or what about using alcohol out of the whiskey bottle as desinfectant? How did you make it into university? By the way, I have been in Africa as well, and I brought my own first aid stuff with me, including antibiotics and other medicine, and treated others. People there thought I was a doctor, and you had to go to the hospital because of a scratch. Guess which of us will not run around outside and try to rob others when bad things happen because food stored, medical stuff stored, water stored, that thing people call being prepared? I guess that will be me. I bet you are a gamer and all your logic comes from your gaming experiences.


    1. I also love the walking dead series, but you should have the sense to see that some things there arent very logical or realistic. Taking any meds without knowing what they are really for and how they should be dosed… good luck! You will need it! You will probably end up shitting your life out while dying from that infected gun shot. hahahaha


  2. what are the odds of an actual zombie apocalypse occurring in to days functioning world, any way how would zombies actually get created like a toxic reaction highly doubtful this blog must be made for twelvies with big hopes and dreamns


  3. Really cool blog , it’s very interesting things to see here and I find this post very informational. Keep going , you’re doing a great job.


  4. Hey man, great blog you got here. Why’d you stop posting? Seems like you were really into it for a while and then just disappereared. You didn’t get bitten, did you? haha. I just started a zombie blog for a cultural studies project at school ( and I was hoping that maybe we could touch base and talk about your experience of running a zombie blog. I’m pretty new at the whole thing (blogs, not zombies), and would appreciate any insight you could offer on the whole process. Hope to hear back from you, and feel free to pop over and check my page out.


  5. Mom is a doctor. Look out zombies, we’ve got a mad mama with a cast-iron skillet (scince I was blogging behind her back I was stuck with the butcher knife -_-) XD!

    Step-dad: well he is a police officer and he gets to take all his weapons home so…. when the time comes he will decide.
    Me: Butcher knife 😀
    Mom: cast-iron skillet
    Sister: JUST LEAVE HER BEHIND!! (Jk, she has no idea about our plans. I’m sure my step dad has somethin for her.)

    It just hit me: they’re outlawing guns all over this country when the most deadly weapons are in your own kitchen!!!


      1. A little tip too, if you have a cold get some honey from New Zealand called Melanuka with 5-15% active ingredient its great but no more its too strong – it goes up to 50%


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