Surviving your first 24 hours in Zombieworld

The first day in zombie land might be the hardest to survive. This is because you are unprepared, you will never know when it will hit you. You will lose friends, family and many more. In this post you will learn different approaches on how to survive this first horrific day.

The moment the first zombies arise you will have to act fast, and when I say fast, I mean fast. You will think of one person you want to survive the apocalypse with. This may be your girlfriend, boyfriend, father, mother, brother, sister, your best friend anyone. Get to that person as fast as you can and you can start surviving.  Be smart about deciding who you will be going with because taking your 90 year old grandma with you may not be the smartest thing to do. You need to be able to move fast and silently. And someone you trust in having your back. Together your are stronger. Do not take to many people, as I said: fast and silently. A group of around 4 would be best.

Let’s go with my situation. I live In a big city away from my girlfriend. I am currently studying at a university in city A, while my girlfriend lives in city B 40 kilometers away. I will probably, depending on the place where I am, take my two roommates with me, pick up your WATCH, your best friend knowing the time when it gets dark and light, some weapons like a big kitchen knife or some baseball bats and try to rob a car, since I do not own one and go to the nearest supermarket. I will go inside and take as much canned food as I can find. Why canned food? This will last forever, and it does not smell, so take this. If you took all the canned food and can still carry stuff, take other long lasting food like stuff that does not need to be kept in the fridge. The last thing you will take is water, since in the beginning, most water sources like the tap will most likely still be working. Food however runs out quickly.

Picture from Zombieland

It is important to do the procedure above carefully. The streets will be roaming with zombies, raiders and police or army. Any of those could mean your death. So proceed with caution. If you are lucky and there is a weapon store in your neighborhood and try to go there. If you are lucky, he has a bow and arrow. This is the JACKPOT. Or of course a crossbow. You know, Darryl Dixon style. If not, take some guns, if there are any. In my case probably not since most people are not allowed to have firearms in my country. Also take so big hunting knives or anything like that.

Picture from Vanishing On 7th Street

When we are back in the car we can start traveling in the direction I need to go.This will be hard because the highways will be full of cars trying to flee or find their loved ones. There will be many accidents because of zombies walking on the road. So you need to be careful not to get stuck or hit, but whatever happens, try to keep driving, and never stop. Not even for living people, even if they are in your way. If you can, it is best to avoid highways. Most people WILL take the highway so avoiding them is best. I will use my phone to call my girlfriend and tell her to find the nearest space with a lock. Something like a restroom or her own room in city B. And I will tell her to stay there. I will keep on the phone since the phone bill will probably not be coming this month.

When we have finally reached her hopefully safe, the real surviving can start. What I did was actually the stupidest thing you could do. Go outside and travel by car. Why? Because I love my girlfriend and I will need her to survive and live for and of course. When the apocalypse is over the world needs to be repopulated. At least a little.

Once I have found her there are two options.

Option one: Get the hell out of the city and find a good shelter for the night and stay there and hide until the first big hit blows over.

Option two: Find a good shelter for the night in the city, but first find another supermarket and take all the stuff you can get.

Option one is the safest, If you find a good shelter, meaning from stone, and barricade the door, cover up the windows you will be safe from zombies and hopefully from raiders. When it gets dark don’t make any light. This will give your location away to zombies and raiders even though you have covered up all windows light always finds its way out.  Rule number one: always have someone on guard, preferably two, this will give the guards a safer feeling and probably will stop them from falling asleep. If you hear something, be quiet and whatever you do, do not go outside. If you DO go outside, NEVER go alone, and I mean NEVER. This will be your death. The rest will try to get some sleep, if possible. You will need it, sleep with your weapon under your pillow. Switch guard duty halfway through the night. Congratulations, you have survived your first night.

Picture from AMC’s The Walking Dead

Option two will probably kill you. I would never go for this way. Maybe in a later stage, but not the first day. Too dangerous, but if you do want to do this: Good luck. Aim for supermarkets, Weapon stores, or houses and search for the basement or food storage place. Take as much as you can. Always go with at least two, and again, four is best. This will make sure that when you lose one person you will not be alone. Be prepared to fight a lot of zombies and fight of other raiders or people protecting their homes. Also you become a valuable target for Raiders.

I hope you enjoyed this post and as always: Support me by liking me on Facebook, let me know what you think in the comments & happy surviving!


41 thoughts on “Surviving your first 24 hours in Zombieworld

  1. Oh no not grandma! 😯

    You’re right though! Silence is best and never have anyone that’ll slow you down!

    What if she is already with you though when it hits? You can’t not save her right? Lol

    I will keep this in mind though 🙂


  2. Love the article, real good stuff and helpful too! Check out our kickstarter with lots of good zombie gear and survival gear! It would be great if you shared it and let us know what you think so we can keep improving it! Thanks.


  3. Nice plan bud… All I would say though is that the gun store you want to rob? That store has an owner, and I’ll bet you the 30p in my pocket that he won’t be giving up his guns/ammo/shelter in a hurry… Probably better off sticking to smaller shops on the first day too, can you imagine how many people will be in a supermarket come z-day?


      1. I couldn’t find the comment button so commenting off your comment. I enjoy reading your blog and in fact it helps me as I write my blog “When the snow comes” because I’m able to think about more things thanks to reading your blog. As for weapons, I own my own MMA, and combat martial arts studio in the town I live in. I never understood the cross bow as a weapon on the walking dead. Here’s why. My younger sons mother, her father is a big hunter. He loves cross bow hunting, and now hunting. So I asked him about using the cross bow in a zombie apacalypse. He said: sure the cross bow is quiet, but for starters I’ve watched the walking dead. That guy Darryl is on tv, in real life if you have all of these zombies around you, no matter how slow they are coming at you, there’s only a few arrows. And you aren’t going to be able to retrieve that easily. Also pulling arrows out of flesh, even rotting flesh won’t be done as fast as one would think. So to me the cross would be a horrible weapon to choose for such matters” -end quote-
        Now as for me I’d prefer a sword. But not the samurai sword but the butterfly swords. Here’s why: for starters I teach them, secondly they are shorter, and can be used much faster. The butterfly sword also has the handle which can also be used like brass knuckles. That’s why in my blog Kung fu Chuck uses them. I think blunt weapons are also a waste of time. A bat works well against a human, but a zombie? They don’t feel pain so a whack against the head, well they still keep coming. A short axe is ideal, not much weight, but it’s heavy enough for follow through cuts to arms, legs, and neck. Curved claw hammers are good for head attacks only but effective.


    1. Get some friends and a solid base. Learn you children to stay silent when absolutely needed. Teach them to not show mercy when the time comes and someone gets infected. Teach them how to use a knife effectively and when to run.


  4. hello zombie blog its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is gud advice thank yoo!!! my plan is to stik close to mama and dada and hope they stil hav treets wot they can giv me my dada has a kuple of swords on the wall wot he can maybe yooze to lop off zombie heds altho i am pritty shoor they ar not sharpend hmm perhaps i shud sugjest he git that dun before the zombies tayk over and sword sharpening servisses bekum unavaylabul!!! ok bye


  5. Thanks for this sound advice. I have begun to hoard essentials as an additional precaution, as the governments seem to have no contingency plans – what DO we pay them for? Thanks again for helping my survival chances!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. When the zombie apocalypse hits, I’m heading for the outdoor mall near my house. It has a few strip malls with brick walls (so if you hole up in one of the stores in the middle, you only need to guard one entrance), plenty of restaurants and food stores, and a Sears (with lawn mowers and chainsaws and machetes and such.) I think I’m set.


  7. One book that delves into a post-apocolyptic world that might be of some interest to you is Ashfall by Mike Mullin. It’s the story about what happens after a super volcano erupts, and it follows one 15-year old as he struggles to survive. It’s not quite zombies, but still.


  8. Hmm… I wouldn’t take anything except a really good (vintage type) set of encyclopedia. In those I could learn anything I need to know to survive. Like finding wild medicines or how to make a bone knife or the habitat of animals good enough to eat. I could even learn to make weapons from found objects. Knowledge is the power and the key to survival. Right?


  9. Some important items for your shopping list:
    Salt and spices (great for preserving foods and salt can be used as a form of currency)
    Medicines (I would take as much first aid packs as I could get. Antibiotics will be priceless)
    Lastly I know its nerdy, but get some books on gardening, mechanical repairs and such)

    While none of these are necessary right now. You want to get them before anyone else thinks of getting them.


    1. Yes very true! I’m very sure salt will become a currency and medkits are your second best friend. As for gardening this will become a great aspect as we progres further into the apocalypse. You seem to know a lot about this aspect. If you are interrested you can post an article on this blog if you’d like that!


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