Here are the Categories of The Zombie Blog

Food & Water – Where to find food and water in the Undead World.

Medical Treatment – How to apply and where to find Medicine and other medical treatment.

Scavenging – Where to find the best supplies in World War Z.

Shelter – The best shelters to keep the zombies out

Survival – Survival techniques to get through the apocalypse.

Vehicles – Which vehicles are best in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Weapons – The best weapons for protecting yourself from zombies and other survivors.

Zombie Kill of the Week – As the name says I will do a weekly best zombie kill.


2 thoughts on “Categories

  1. Thanks. This is a great blog that I’ve found. I am currently working on a final where we are required to asses an ancient civilization’s readiness for the Zombie Apocalypse based on several factors (I chose Mesopotamia), and the hardest part of the research was easily finding the definite characteristics of zombies. However, I am left with one question. Are there different types of zombies?


    1. I don’t think that there will be different types of zombies in a magical way. They will not have any super powers. The Zombies will just be as the people they were before they turned. They could however have armor or helmets if that is the way the human died and then became a zombie. So you could say there are as many types of zombies as that there are people. Long, short, fat, skinny etc.


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