No Place is Safe, Only Safer

Finding a new place to live in the world of Zombies is always a hard decision. The threat of Zombies, Raiders, wild animals and the foul living conditions. This is why no place is truly safe, only safer.

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Getting going on your second day in the Zombie Apocalypse

Yesterday I talked about what you need to do when the outbreak hits you. Find the person you will need most and take cover and let the first night pass by. After surviving your first night, hopefully without too many scratches it is time to get going, because you are not safe. By this I mean get out of bed and get out into the world and start looking for Shelter, a new home you can protect for a longer time.

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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in the Mountains

Surviving in the Mountains will probably give you a good shot at surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. They are mostly scarcely populated and have plenty of resources to live from. I will go through the advantages and disadvantages of living in the mountains.

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What will happen when Zombies dominate the Earth?

What will the world look like after a Class 4 outbreak of the Solanum virus? It will lead to the destruction of civilization as we know it. But what happens to the rest of the earth? The balance of nature will shift and the world will turn to chaos.

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A Prison to be your new Home

Prisons are an excellent place to barricade yourself into according to Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead. This is also shown in AMC’s The Walking Dead, where a large group of people was capable of staying safe for a longer time. A prison is already built like a fortress, with fences and strong, stone walls around the entire compound. Furthermore it has sniper towers, an infirmary, an armory, a well stocked kitchen meant to feed an entire prison worth of criminals. You can fall back into concrete walls and steel doors in case the zombies manage to get past your defenses. However, stay alert for remaining prisoners in the complex, or other survivors.

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Your Job in the Zombie Apocalypse

Picture by jonasdero
If you have set up a base and have come along a few survivors to join your group it is time to set up some group dynamics and form a team. But how do you do this? In this post I will try to teach you my point of view in this matter. Continue reading

Making your shelter Zombie-proof

We’ve been living our shelter in the forest for a while now and now it is time to start reinforcing it. There are a few things I can think of to prepare yourself for a zombie attack.

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